Pot Ground

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POT GROUND is a substrate based on peat and selected natural humus. Ideal for the planting and cultivation of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. Also ideal for sowing vegetables, as well as the root system of bushes and sods installation. The fundamental supply of macro-elements is based on a natural fertilizer and results in a slow release of the substances helping the plant towards a vigorous and abundant growth of its root system. POT GROUND is intended to achieve a powerful admixture of mature organic and mineral materials. All raw materials have been selected and allocated in specific dosages in order to reinforce the properties below:

  • Baltic Peat: Allows water withholding (moisture) 10 times more than the dryness levels of the ground.
  • Fair Peat: Indispensable for the confirmation of an increasing healing capability of the roots.
  • Black Peat: Allows the creation of a stable (tank) for the nutrition of the elements.
  • Humus: Offers the suitable environment to micro-organisms assisting the deconstruction of organic materials.